9 benefits of hiring Remote Team Members

Commonly called a Virtual Assistant, a Remote Team Member can do more than you think. In general, virtual assistants are quite multidisciplinary people who base their success on being able to help you in many areas of your business.

Administrative tasks, billing, digital marketing, social networks, research, customer service, agenda management, web support, sales funnels and many other areas are where virtual assistants move in their day to day and in which you probably need help. Here are some benefits of hiring virtual assistants: 

  1. You don’t need extra space

One of the advantages is that you do not have to make any physical changes within your business. You also won’t need to move to a larger office or rent additional space.

A Property Management Virtual Assistant does the work from home or from their own office. Therefore, all you have to do is hire them and assign them the functions they are going to perform.

  1. You save on equipment and office supplies 

In addition to saving space, since the remote team member does the work from home, it also means that you can save on the purchase of equipment. This means that you will not need to invest in furniture, computers, air conditioners, etc. It also means that you save on office supplies, uniforms, cafeteria, etc.

  1. Hire better talent for less money

One of the benefits of hiring a freelance virtual assistant is that you can hire only seasonally or by hours. If, for example, you have to be in your office every morning, you can find someone to assist you in the afternoons. Another possibility is that you only contract in periods where you have to travel or in certain hours or days in which you pay enough attention to your clients. 

  1. You save money on benefits

Part of the obligations of every employer, whatever the country, is the payment of benefits for social security, vacations, bonuses, pension, training, severance pay, compensation and others. All this, of course, increases costs within the company. And while the work the employee does is supposed to cover those costs, when you’re starting your business, you’ll need to economize as much as possible. In addition, you save the procedures and paperwork involved in hiring a new employee.

Keep in mind that not every season will have the same amount of work or income. But the payroll payment remains fixed. For this reason, hiring a Remote Team Member is much more practical and economical.

  1. Faster responses

As a business owner, it has surely happened to you that you have been very busy and you spend time without being able to check your email. Or suddenly you have many appointments to attend and you don’t have time to check your social networks, update them, respond to comments, etc.

A Remote Team Member can support you by responding instantly to the queries that people usually make, answering the phone when you are busy and not missing the call, answering emails more efficiently, etc. They can even reply to the chat on your website or the inboxes and private messages of your social networks. 

  1. You work with fewer interruptions

One of the most important aspects of your work is quality and giving your tenants a satisfactory experience. The objective is that they want to work with you again or acquire the service you offer. This means not only good execution, but excellent customer service as well.

However, dealing with social networks, customer inquiries, supplier calls and others, can be a distracting factor in what you are doing. This is the reason why thousands of professionals in careers that require great concentration, such as programming, writing, architecture, law, accounting and more, decide to hire a Remote Team Member. That way, they can dedicate themselves to doing quality work, without losing focus and inspiration.

  1. Your business remains open even if you are not available

It may have happened to you on more than one occasion that you are not available at your office for a few days… A family bereavement, a week of training, illness, a trip outside the country, etc. It is also likely that on some occasion you decided to take a vacation with your family (which we all deserve).

In that case, it will be a relief to have someone who can take care of customer service while you’re away. A Remote Team Member can take calls, resolve daily issues, schedule appointments for when you return, etc. And if a very urgent matter arises, they will be able to contact you for consultation. Thus, your business does not stop and at the same time you can have time for yourself.

  1. Gives you a more professional image

Having an assistant that helps you with customer service tasks will make you look more professional. If you are not available, you can offer help to the tenant or take notes. The tenant will know that they will be contacted as soon as possible. This generates an immediate sensation of being attended by true professionals and makes the tenant feel more confident in your company.

  1. More time for yourself

Because time is the most important resource, and sometimes the least valued.

If you yourself are in charge of carrying out all the tasks within your business, you will always have your mind on it, which will prevent you from completely disconnecting. We all need to have time for ourselves from time to time, and I don’t think that when you set up your company you did it thinking about working 24 hours a day.

Delegating part of your tasks to a Remote Team Member will help you have that much-needed time without fainting along the way.

In conclusion, as you can see, with a Remote Team Member, your business looks and becomes more professional without the need to physically expand the facilities, invest in more staff or make large expenses. All you need is to hire a Remote Team Member online.

If you’re interested in hiring a Remote Team Member don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

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