BetterWho Direct Labor Efficiency (DLER) Report

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About This Resource

Labor is your heaviest expense as a property management company and your biggest opportunity to increase your profit. DLER is one of the best measures to account for labor efficiency, as it measures how many dollars of revenue you get for every dollar spent on Direct Labor.

With this report, you’ll find out what is your direct labor efficiency, how you compare to peers in the industry, and what you should do to increase it. 

Measure your company's DLER

Our expert team will calculate your DLER based on data that you submit on the form below.

Find out how you compare to peers

We'll compare your DLER to benchmarks in the industry, so that you know clearly where to stand, and whether you need to improve your DLER.

Tips on how to improve your DLER

Browse our industry insider tips and tricks for increasing your DLER.

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