Importance vs. Urgency: How do we find Balance?

The distinction between urgent and important can be found in the priority levels. As a result, it is critical to distinguish between what is urgent and what is important. 

Only by defining both concepts will we be able to implement proper time management in our workplace, not only to meet productivity standards but also to achieve goals and feel better at work.

Effectively managing every second, minute, and hour defines our perception of time and, as a result, the way we manage it. Understanding the difference between urgency and importance in this way is what allows us to be satisfied at work, especially when we are in charge of a team of personnel and professionals. 

By defining the boundaries between urgent and important tasks, we can determine whether we are making the best use of our time.

Do you work all day, are always busy, earn a lot of money or enough to live comfortably, pay bills on time or ahead of time, keep your house clean and tidy, and are extremely punctual?

Or, do you start projects and abandon them halfway through, make a huge mess everywhere, forget commitments, and prioritize urgent matters over important ones?

We must strike a balance between productivity, leisure, importance, and urgency.

Examine your bedroom to determine which side you are on. How are things going? How did you leave it today before you left?

I am one of those people who believes that there are no gray areas; either you are or are not disciplined, or you are or are not orderly, but going to extremes will almost certainly not result in an excellent result.

There must be a balance, neither very very nor so.

How do we find balance?

It is very important, first of all, to be very honest with ourselves, to know the point we want to reach (visualize the result), and to focus by setting priorities in order of importance so we can separate and align the activities into two categories: urgent and important and from there carry them out.

  • If you live from importance, you live from planning.
  • If you live from the urgency, you live from the correction.

Do you prefer to prevent or correct it?

Your outcome is the answer.

What is the most important?

All of my actions are influenced and determined by my desire for a specific outcome. (Absolutely all the details matter), don’t forget that it is also important to be flexible; it is acceptable to make mistakes and learn from those experiences where things didn’t turn out as planned, without losing focus and alignment of actions.

What is important?

All that action that was important at one point and I let it pass, the time factor is very strong here.

For example, if my boss asks me at the beginning of the month for a series of reports to be delivered at the end of the month, and I let the days pass, the delivery date arrives, and to deliver them “on time,” I neglect the form and everything else that I had scheduled for my days because it has become an URGENT activity in my days.

Is this something you’ve heard before? What effect does this kind of situation have on your life? How many important things have you put off to attend to the urgent ones? Because this is where the lack of control begins when the urgent takes precedence over the important. and we devote the majority of our time, attention, and focus to the urgent.

If you identify with any or all of these situations, it is time to find a balance.

To summarize:

  • Determine what you want to achieve, and where you want to go, and visualize the result.
  • Make a list of your daily activities and prioritize them in order of IMPORTANCE and URGENCY. You can do it every night before your next day’s activities or in the morning before you start your day, depending on how you feel, but not without first reviewing your previous day’s list and evaluating what you did and didn’t do.

NOTE: If you are already a very organized person and believe that this list will not work for you, I recommend adding some improvisation and flexibility to your important things column, or I invite you to share this blog.

We can all start small and make a big difference!

IT’S ONLY A LIST! That will not cause you to lose anything and will provide you with numerous opportunities to win.

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