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Jay Berube is a seasoned coach and consultant with over two decades of experience in property management and real estate. With a track record of 1400 homes sold and the management of over 3000 properties, Jay brings unparalleled insights into the industry. His expertise extends to cutting-edge technologies, including ChatGPT and AI, making him a leader in leveraging technology for business success. Known for boosting team performance, lead generation, and strategic planning, Jay empowers clients to overcome challenges and achieve remarkable results.

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Talk Topics

Play Video about THUMBNAIL - Supercharging your team's productivity with AI

Supercharging your team's productivity with AI

Learn how to increase your team’s efficiency with AI tools, which instead of replacing them, will enhance their activity. Discover different applications of AI for Property management which will maximize your team’s productivity, with real-world applications and examples of tools you can use. At the end of this talk, you’ll be able to understand how to create a self-managing team that runs efficiently backed by the power of AI.  

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Goal Setting with Purpose: Mastering Success Using 90-Day Roadmaps

Discover the transformative power of adopting a 90-day goal-setting approach, aligning your mindset, actions, and timing for optimal results. Gain the tools to eliminate distractions, overcome obstacles, and stay resolutely focused on your goals. This proactive approach propels your trajectory towards remarkable accomplishments in the realm of property management and extends its influence beyond, fostering a culture of consistent and exceptional achievement.

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The Productive Property Manager: Unleash Your Personal Power

Step into enhanced productivity and efficiency as a property management business owner. Unlock your full potential by focusing on the projects that have the biggest impact on your business, and effectively sideline time-wasting distractions. Learn how to leverage new technologies such as ChatGPT & AI; enabling you to focus on what truly matters most. Further, gain the expertise to empower your team through strategic delegation; creating more capacity for you as the business owner.

Play Video about THUMBNAIL - Leveraging the power of Ai and chat GPT in Property Management

Leveraging the power of ChatGPT and (workbook included)

Prepare to unleash the potential of ChatGPT and AI in property management. Explore how ChatGPT enhances efficiency and interactions. Discover 6 pivotal areas where AI transforms your business. Dive into the top 25 property management use cases. Embrace 25 practical prompts for streamlined operations. Master the art of human-AI collaboration for boosted team productivity. Delve into a selection of top AI tools for property management innovation.

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AI-Driven Marketing for Property Management

Experience a hands-on approach on marketing in which you will learn to redesign your strategy to captivate your audience, while equipping your marketing team with the right tools to boost your team’s efficiency. You will understand your audience’s pain points in order to craft the right message, and learn how to design the email campaigns and lead magnets using AI tools that captivate and convert leads into clients. 

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