Increase Profit through People

All-around approach to increase your property management profit.

Are you looking to grow your property management business, but struggling with profitability? Or perhaps, your team feels overwhelmed with the current workload because the processes aren’t running smoothly and your team members are not using their talents enough?

OptimizLER is a monthly service that helps your property management company increase profit by increasing your team’s efficiency. 

OptimizLER focuses on 5 key components of your business in order to maximize your team’s efficiency: right people, right seats, revenue, processes, and payroll. With this approach, OptimizLER helps you create a better team culture, put the right people in the right jobs and hold them accountable, and make sure your processes run smoothly. Your business is now ready to scale.

Skyrocket your team's involvement in your business

Increase your team's efficiency and response time.

Become a better leader for your team

Identify and nurture the leaders in your team

Build a better culture in the workplace

Create clear roles and responsibilities

OptimizLER focuses on 5 key components to increase team efficiency

Right people

Having a strong and effective team is essential for the success of your property management business. With OptimizLER, you receive insights and guidance on the right people you should have onboard, and the team size that is appropriate for your current portfolio.

Right seats

OptimizLER helps you identify the right seats your business needs to have in order to cover the management needs of your current portfolio, and eliminate redundancies, unclear job roles, and hold your team accountable.

Hiring an RTM


Having a large property management portfolio is good, but optimizing the revenue that portfolio generates is even better. In other words, yes, it matters how many dors you manage, but also how much revenue you derive per door. With OptimizLER, you learn what your revenue baseline per door should look and what are the package and fee changes you need to implement to achieve your baseline.


OptimizLER helps you understand what team members are high achievers and where your money is lost, and guides you through strategic decisions about your personnel structure.

Process efficiency

Having a solid set of processes in place is key to a growing company. If your team doesn't handle daily tasks quickly and efficiently, it'll be tough to expand your portfolio and your operations will quickly become chaotic. OptimizLER helps you identify where there's room for improvement and provides advice on how to streamline your operations workflows. This could involve writing new documents, updating existing ones, or automating some of your processes - or a mix of all of these things.

OptimizLER features

90-day roadmap

Comprehensive 90-day roadmap to guide you to achieve your profit goals.

Team documentation

Access to team dashboard, accountability chart, and job descriptions.

Quarterly team meetings

Quarterly check ins with the team to assess progress

Monthly strategy meetings

Monthly strategic meetings with you as the business owner.

Rolling 3-month commitment

Cancel anytime with a 90-day notice.

How OptimizLER works

When you purchase OptimizLER, our expert advisors will conduct an audit of your team, processes, and revenue sources to identify opportunities for improvement in your company. We will then work with you to establish both long-term goals for your business and shorter term goals that we believe you can achieve on a quarterly basis.

We will provide you with a detailed, 90-day roadmap to help you achieve these goals, and then partner with your team throughout the quarter to ensure that we stay on track and improve your key business metrics. At the end of each 3-month term, we will review your progress and repeat the process.

1 Audit
2 Roadmap
3 Implementation
4 Assessment

Audit Phase

During this phase, you and your team will be asked to send relevant information about your property management business, company processes, policies, team culture and team roles. 

We will also conduct interviews with the team members in order to understand their position and their skill set. 

We will use this information to understand your business, find the aspects that need adjustment, and propose strategies for improvement.

Audit Phase

Roadmap Phase

We will meet up to discuss the audit and the strategy to improve your business in the next 3 months. We will go over your labor and revenue key metrics, where you stand, and where you need to be. 

During the meeting, you will be provided with a 90-day roadmap that includes all modifications necessary for your business to drive more profit, and a timeline for implementing these changes in your team. 

In addition to that, you will receive a revised accountability chart for your team, that takes into account their skills and their interests, and detailed job descriptions for all of your team members.

Roadmap Phase

Implementation Phase

We meet on a monthly basis to check where you are with the implementation of the changes and keep you accountable.

In parallel, we will conduct a quarterly check in with all the team members to make sure that your team is onboard with the changes.

Implementation Phase



At the end of the quarter, we will meet up again to assess the progress your business made, and to plan a new roadmap for the coming quarter.


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