Virtual CTO Webinar

Implement Cost Saving, Revenue Generating PROCESS AUTOMATION
In Your Property Management Business

Thursday, May 26th at 4:00 PM ET

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What you will learn

-How to capture previously missed opportunities for fee collection due to overall lack of process

-How to implement marketing ideas to stay top of mind (rather than keep in your head)

-How To effectively reduce the amount of errors you and your team are making so you stop frustrating your clients, losing business, or even worse… getting sued.
Whether you are brand new to Process & Automation
You tried, failed, got frustrated, and quit… you need to be on this webinar

About Your Instructor

Wolfgang Croskey has been working in real estate since he was a little kid. From stuffing envelopes, unclogging toilets, serving notices, to creating leases, he has touched all aspects of property management. He is a well respected member of NARPM, a servant leader to his community, and to top it all off, a father of 6.

As an advocate of education, Wolf obtained a Masters Degree in Education Curriculum & Instruction 

His passion lies in educating his fellow property managers on how to increase profit and leverage time through the implementation of process and automation. 

Several years back, Wolf struggled working 11-hour days, 6 days a week, using nothing but paper checklists and other primitive means of running his family’s business. 

It wasn’t until he invested in himself and his family’s business that he realized…

“When we don’t have good systems and automations to protect us, we tend to compromise on our standards and our practices”. 

Wolfgang is on a mission to “Provide a high quality experience, consistent every time, everywhere”.

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