Implement COST SAVING Revenue Generating

Implement COST SAVING Revenue Generating

When we don’t have good systems and automations to protect us, we tend to compromise on our standards and our practices…

The Virtual CTO (Chief Technology Officer) Course helps property managers bring automation to their existing systems.

You will be guided through the process of building a business case for automation, building an implementation roadmap, and then tips on the tools that are necessary to succeed.

This is a monthly group where we go live twice monthly on video calls for the implementation of your processes and automation.

Virtual CTO Course Content

Module One: Why Do Your Processes Need Automation

Module Two: Automation Tool Box

Module Three: Digitizing Your Essential Process

Module Four: Zapier for LeadSimple

Module Five: Automation in Your Communication

Module Six: Automation in Your Marketing Processes


      -2 monthly group calls for implementation

      -Downloadable PDFs and resources

      -Step-by-step lifetime access to videos

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In this section we will discover the need to transition from a service-based business to an experience-based business and how technology actually allows you to have more human interaction.

  • Intro lesson on Why automation is not just cool, but critical
  • lesson on the course tools and how to access and use them.

Just like any construction project you need the right tools. With an ever growing offering of bells and whistles in the automation sector, learn what Wolf does and what tools he recommends.

  • Intro to SAAS
  • Lesson One: LeadSimple 
  • Lesson Two: Zapier 
  • Lesson Three: Google Workspace
  • Lesson Four: Webforms
  • Lesson Five: Loom
  • Lesson Six: Slack
  • Lesson Seven: Direct Mail Automation

Every management company has a set of core processes that they have as their services to Owners and Tenants. There are many steps in your processes that can be automated.

  • Lesson One: Setting up LeadSimple for Success
  • Lesson Two: Creating your Monthly Task Process
  • Lesson Three: Owner Onboarding Process 
  • Lesson Four: Property Onboarding Process
  • Lesson Five: Late Rent Process
  • Lesson Six: Lease Violation Process

Zapier is the best tool for Property managers. If you have not realized by now, you need to realize that there is no perfect piece of software. Some like Slack, but others like Glip. Some like LeadSimple while others like Monday. So how do we get all these pieces of software to talk to each other? Zapier!

  • Lesson One: Navigating Zapier
  • Lesson Two: Organizing your Zaps
  • Lesson Three: Zapier Native App- Formatter
  • Lesson Four: Zapier Native App- Schedule
  • Lesson Five: Zapier Native App- Filter
  • Lesson Six: Zapier Native App- Paths
  • Lesson Seven: Zapier Native App- Delay

You can never under-communicate, but does every piece of communication need to be written? Or even manually created by you? Learn how to provide consistent and customized communication at key points in your processes. 

  • Lesson One: What type of communication should I focus on? 
  • Lesson Two: Triggering internal communication in Slack from LeadSimple. 
  • Lesson Three: Sending calendar invites from LeadSimple tasks
  • Lesson Four: Maximizing custom fields to personalize communication. 

Lessons One, Two and Four will be done LIVE to students and recordings will then be saved for the course.

What tools are out there that can help you find new owners and reach out to those new owners? How do you keep track of your prospective leads? in this module we are going to look at going beyond just putting names into a CRM.

  • Lesson One: Making marketing consistent with LeadSimple
  • Lesson Two: Triggering direct mail from a LeadSimple Task
  • Lesson Three: Social Media Posts when a new owner signs up.
Lessons One and Three will be done LIVE to students and recordings will then be saved for the course.

Virtual CTO Course Structure

Live Group Calls

Automation is growing every year and every property manager needs to get ready for the future. With the monthly subscription to this course, you will learn how to prepare your existing systems, find out how to improve your systems by replacing manual procedures with automated ones and how to optimize your IT staffing levels by integrating operations with technology, plus:

Twice a month live group call with:

  • One Cool Trick
  • Q&A
  • Process Automation Assistance

What else to expect...

Similar to our other courses, this course will give you the tools and resources you need to take your company’s digital transformation to the next level.

Every month we will share new processes, each filled with valuable tips, best practices and lessons learned from companies who are already living in the future!

Whether it be a new way of helping clients understand your services, or a new method for tracking projects internally there’s always something new to implement into your business.


Access to a full library of resources with downloadable PDFs and processes mapped out with automation and explainer videos in our membership area. 

New Processes released monthly

New and innovative processes are introduced on a monthly basis to ensure that you and your business stay up-to-date!

What Happens Once You Buy?

Step 1: 

You will receive an email confirmation with purchase details and next steps. This is a monthly subscription. You will be charged once per month until you cancel.

Step 2: 

Get immediate access to the private member’s area, and a private invite to the live group implementation calls (plus access to all recordings of past live sessions).

Step 3: 

Each month you will receive a new document with the most innovative processes in the property management industry.

About Your Instructor

Wolfgang Croskey has been working in real estate since he was a little kid. From stuffing envelopes, unclogging toilets, and serving notices, to creating leases, he has touched all aspects of property management. He is a well-respected member of NARPM, a servant leader to his community, and to top it all off, a father of 6.

As an advocate of education, Wolf obtained a Master’s Degree in Education Curriculum & Instruction 

His passion lies in educating his fellow property managers on how to increase profit and leverage time through the implementation of processes and automation. 

Several years back, Wolf struggled to work 11-hour days, 6 days a week, using nothing but paper checklists and other primitive means of running his family’s business. 

It wasn’t until he invested in himself and his family’s business that he realized…

“When we don’t have good systems and automation to protect us, we tend to compromise on our standards and our practices”. 

Wolfgang is on a mission to “Provide a high-quality experience, consistent every time, everywhere”.


The course meetings are all recorded. So you can view the recordings at any time. Having a team member join for one session will not be the most effective and actually may cause frustration for them. Imagine taking someone’s seat at a movie theater halfway through a movie. “What did I miss?”, “How do I do that?”. Your team member may not have the most productive experience sitting in for you.

Yes and Yes! We have both. Our Virtual Chief Technology Officer Course provides some pre-recorded content broken up into different topics. You can view these in any order and pace that works for you. We then also have live sessions where we go over parts of the modules.

Yes, they are very interactive. Who wants to just sit and stare at a screen? The live sessions are dependent upon questions and your input helps make each session rich and meaningful. Participants will be able to ask questions and receive help with issues they may be facing with building their automation. The live sessions also provide an opportunity to get the latest and greatest as Wolfgang provides updates to different automation as well as new tools that he has implemented.

Yes, all sessions are recorded and made available inside the online course. You can view them as much or as little as you like.

This is a personal choice. You know your company best and what the company needs. We recommend that you make changes as you go so that you can bring any hurdles you face to the live sessions so you can receive support. Also, the best time to plant a tree was yesterday. Sometimes we procrastinate making changes as we fear technology or are afraid that we may break something. Our Instructor will guide you and make sure that you are successful with the content covered in the course.

We want to make sure that you are using software that is proven, reliable, and easy to use. While he cannot cover every tool used in our industry, Wolfgang will talk about some software he may use or not use and does have experience with many of the options on the market. In the course, he will explain why he selected the software he uses and what we feel are solid industry solutions.

This course is month by month. You may cancel at any time.

The live sessions are twice a month. Each session will provide an assignment, don’t worry, there are no grades or tests. The assignments should take a participant about 2 hours to complete.

The live sessions are usually 1hr-1 ½ hrs long.

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