Administrative Support Specialist Job Description

Do you have what it takes to work as a Administrative Support Specialist? Read about the job requirements, salary information, duties, and more.

Administrative Support Specialist Job Description

The admin assists executives in different areas of Property Management in their everyday activity and ensures that business operations are well-organized. Their duties are clerical and administrative, and they may also be responsible for implementing new procedure.


  • Respond telephonically to inquiries from prospects inquiring about rental homes
  • Respond electronically to inquiries from prospects inquiring about rental homes
  • Process and track admin documents throughout the office
  • Maintain office calendar
  • Process prospect’s Applications – track applications
  • Posts Administrative data accurately in owner, tenant and vendor files.
  • Coordinate with vendors and clients
  • Ensures all move-in/move-out paperwork is completed correctly, has been approved by the department manager, and is entered correctly into the files.
  • Works with Office Team to ensure that properties are maintained as outlined in lease
  • Assist with billing and invoicing
  • Takes service requests and works with Office Team to resolve issues
  • Works with the Office Team on all aspects of the company’s marketing program.
  • Ensure proper tenant insurance is in place
  •  Support Management Staff
  •  Coordinate with vendors and client

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