Absentee Owner Script

About This Resource

This resource is for property managers who’re looking to add new doors through outbound sales. It’s purpose is to simplify and quicken your sales process, and provide you with the tools to be successful in your lead generation. When you are able to be in full control of your complete sales process, including leading generation, lead nurture, and lead conversion, you will find that your business will never be in need of a”needing more doors” issue.

Sales Commands

  • Internalize The Sales Commands
  • Master how to Control the Conversation
  • Set an appointment using the Absentee Owner Script
  • Mastering Influence

  • Get Their Attention
  • Active Listen & Ask Questions
  • Set the Appointment
  • Control The Conversation

  • Gather Information
  • Build Rapport
  • Pre-Frame The Appointment
  • Determine Motivation
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