EverBetter RTM

Ongoing Training, Lasting Impact

Enhance your team's productivity and efficiency through continuous skill development

As a property management business owner, you’re always concerned whether your remote team meets the expectations of your tenants and clients. Their communication skills, task prioritization, and problem-solving abilities are always under scrutiny. Ensuring they are well-trained and in control can feel like a daunting task, and time is never on your side!

This is more common than you think! And the solution is EverBetter RTM, the monthly program for property management company owners managing remote teams, which improves your team’s skills and productivity while helping you lead your remote team more efficiently. 

EverBetter RTM enhances your remote team’s skills and productivity through comprehensive ongoing training, equipping them with new skills and the latest technology knowhow. We ensure they can use the latest technologies, enhance their communication effectiveness within the team and with landlords and tenants, and develop their leadership, decision-making, and priority management skills. This approach transforms your remote team into a well-oiled machine ready to tackle any daily challenge. EverBetter RTM goes beyond the basics and it also provides you, the business owner,  with invaluable resources and guidance effective remote team management. 

Benefits of EverBetter RTM

For Company Owners

Leadership & Guidance

The training improves your remote team's leadership skills and accountability, which aligns them with your company's goals.

Operational Excellence

With a team that is continuously improving their expertise, you are able to reduce the amount errors and increase your daily output.

Improved Team Efficiency

Your remote team improves their skillset continuously, which makes them more efficient in handling daily tasks.

For Remote Team Members

Career Advancement

By training on time management, effective communication, and emotional intelligence, remote team members are ready to take on more important roles.

Empowered to Decide

By learning leadership skills, remote team members gain confidence in making decisions and start contributing to your business in a more meaningful way.

Job Fulfillment

With continuous training, your remote team members improve their efficiency, which makes them feel more successful at the job and satisfied with their performance.

What's Included in The EverBetter RTM Subscription

For Clients

For RTMs

Frequently Asked Questions

EverBetter RTM is designed as a monthly subscription, which you can edit as needed. After you sign up for EverBetter RTM, we will enroll your remote team members in a comprehensive continuous learning program consisting of workshops, one-on-one sessions, regular check-ins, and friendly discussions and Q&A sessions. You will receive regular updates about the progress of your remote team members.

EverBetter RTM is a monthly subscription with the price of $47/ remote team member. Once acquired, it will be automatically charged from your account every month. 

We understand that remote teams can fluctuate through time. You can edit your subscription as needed, in order to accomodate the current realities of your team. Just let us know!

Absolutely! EverBetter RTM was designed for the needs of all remote team members working in Property Management, regardless of how they were hired. 

Build a high-performance remote team today!