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Hire Highly Skilled Property Management Remote Team Members

RTM DIRECT. Hire Highly Skilled Property Management Remote Team Members.
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RTM DIRECT. Hire Highly Skilled Property Management Remote Team Members.
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Comprehensive Hiring, Onboarding and Training Service For Remote Team Members

Have you ever struggled with finding talented and affordable team members for your property management business?

Do you feel that your payroll is too high, but you still do not have the time to improve your business because you cannot outsource repetitive tasks?

You do not need to worry about large expenses and heavy workloads. RTM DIRECT is the most comprehensive hiring and onboarding service that helps you hire highly skilled, talented, and valuable property management Remote Team Members. 

RTM DIRECT frees up your time and skyrockets your property management business growth through remote work.

What's Different About RTM Direct

Direct Hire

By doing direct-hire placements, our clients save $10,000 per year per RTM versus hiring through another property management virtual assistants company.

Global Talent Search

Most property management virtual assistant staffing agencies only hire in specific countries; some even hire from one specific country. RTM DIRECT does a truly global talent search and has hired from over 25+ different countries.

Highly Specialized Staff

We provide up to 10 days of computer and on the job training that is catered to your property management software and the position you are hiring for. Your RTM is up and running from day one.

Your RTM Direct Benefits

More Free Time

A remote team member, commonly known as virtual assistant, will free up time for you and your local property management staff, so you do not have to run reports, take calls, or do other admin tasks. What you do with the extra time is completely up to you.

More Profit

Compared to a team of 3 local employees, a team of 3 remote team members will put over $100,000 more profit in your pocket every year. Hiring a property management RTM allows you to obtain the best talent possible at a lower cost than most property management virtual assistant companies.

Less Stress

A property management virtual assistant will help you be better organized and deliver better customer service without the burden of high payroll expenses.

More Efficiency & Productivity

With an RTM taking care of time-intensive tasks, you will be able to focus on scale and grow your business.

RTM Direct Pricing Tiers

We have designed RTM Direct to accommodate a variety of property management staffing needs. Whether you need an operation specialist or a manager with years of experience, there is an RTM Direct package for you!



No PM experience required
$ 2997
  • Customer service
  • Admin support
  • Receptionist/front desk
  • Leasing specialist



Related experience required
$ 3997
  • At-your-pace training
  • Fair Housing training
  • Property Management terminology
  • Property Management software tools
  • 3 tracks available: maintenance, leasing, bookkeeping



Related experience required
$ 4997
  • Any Tier 2 positions with software-specific OR Property Management experience
  • Marketing manager
  • Sales manager / BDM
  • Operations Manager
  • HR manager
  • Accountant
  • Executive assistant
  • Property Manager / Portfolio Manager
  • Process Director
  • Custom head hunting

RTM Direct Upgrades

We want to make sure that when you're buying RTM Direct, you pay what you really need for. That is why RTM Direct can be purchased with 4 interchangeable packages, especially designed to accommodate your needs as a business. ​

EOR Upgrade

This service allows you to choose an employer of record for your RTM in their native country. Thus, you can ensure that your RTM is fully employed under local regulations and has access to all social services offered by the local government.

Enhanced Training

Intensive role-specific training for your new hire, so that they can hit the ground running. Includes advanced training in PM processes, softwares, and many more subjects. More details on the training page

Priority Pass

If you’re in a hurry and you need a new team member immediately, use the priority pass to hire 2-3x faster than our usual hiring time. 

What Can A Remote Team Member Do?

We prefer the term remote team member to virtual assistant, and that’s for a reason. Remote team members are neither virtual, nor perform only assistant tasks. Remote team members are just like any other team members in your company only that they work remotely. The list of jobs that a telecommuting employee can do includes, but is not limited to:

Sales & Marketing

Inbound/Outbound Sales
Content writing
Social Media Management

Data Processing

Admin support


Phone support
Maintenance requests
Email support
Technical support


Tenant Screening
Tenant Applications
Leasing Turnovers
Owner onboarding


Process and Strategy
Project implementation
management of people

We Are Searching for
The Perfect Fit

We know how important a good fit is to your business. We spent 10 years refining our processes for hiring and training the best remote workers for property management with these principles in mind:

Perfect Cultural Fit

We find the people that will be a good cultural fit tailored to your business needs.


We get the most promising applicants according to the needs of your company.


We make sure that the remote team member will be a part of the team. We provide industry-specific and role-specific training at your own pace.

Team Work

From day one, your RTM will be active and ready for full integration and team collaboration.

Our Hiring and Onboarding Process

Most remote staffing agencies hire virtual assistants in one country, maybe two. We find talent from all over the world. By doing that, we are opening up that talent pool, and we are getting the best employees wherever they may be

1 Identify
2 Interview
3 Integrate


Once you hire us we will schedule your onboarding call so we can start looking for your next remote employee. based on your needs, we identify the team member profile that you are searching for, screen applicants, select the best, and conduct interviews for you.

  • Profile creation
  • Narrow down the search 
  • Optimize applications
  • Interview applicants
  • Screen applicants


We’re now looking for the perfect fit. After narrowing the field to the most qualified applicants, you will schedule an interview with the applicant. We will train you on good interview questions that specifically target them being a good cultural fit with your company.

  • Personal interview with the applicant
  • Training on best questions
  • Look for the perfect cultural fit


We help you build the systems that will help your business to thrive with remote team members, from KPIs used to track the performance of remote team members, to evaluation procedures, and softwares. We walk you through, step-by-step, exactly what you need to do to Setup, Train, and successfully Onboard your RTMs.

  •  Develop or optimize KPIs for RTM performance.
  •  Support for managing RTMs
  •  Training
  •  Time tracking platform
  •  Payment servicing platform
  •  Communication platform

Expanded Applicant Pool (Included)

2ooo+ applicants per month and growing with our truly global talent search and has hired from over 25+ different countries. The staff that we hired includes highly trained colleagues with Ph.D.’s, Master’s Degrees, Engineers, colleagues who grew up and were educated in the US, and polyglots speaking over 5 languages. The global talent search truly leads to hiring the best of the best.

Enhanced Screening Tools (Included)

Personality tests, quizzes, written tests… Less than 2% of our applicants make it through our screening process.

The Perfect Fit Guarantee

We are so confident in our process that we guarantee it in the first 90 days. If your remote team member doesn’t work out for any reason, then we place another candidate completely free!

Frequently Asked Questions

Refunds are not provided for our RTM Direct service; however, we do offer a 90-day guarantee in the event that the placement does not work out for you.
Depending on the time of year and the complexity of the job description, it may take between 2-6 weeks. This is of course only an estimate, as the service we provide is a very customized candidate search. A priority add-on is available for purchase in case the placement is time-sensitive.
Our comprehensive process begins by gathering pertinent information about the position and understanding your company culture, enabling us to conduct a highly customized search. We diligently screen all applications received through our job postings or headhunting efforts. Qualified candidates undergo an additional rigorous screening process to evaluate their skills, assess their compatibility with your business values, verify their qualifications, and conduct pre-interviews with them. Once we identified at least one candidate whom we believe to be an excellent match for your team, we will present them to you for an interview within 2 days. At this stage, you evaluate the candidate and determine if further search efforts are needed. In the event that multiple candidates are declined, we will regroup with you to ensure alignment on your recruitment requirements, and subsequently resume the search until a suitable candidate is found. When selecting the ideal candidate, it will be your responsibility to write an offer letter and start the onboarding process. As part of our service, the chosen candidate will be able to take the QuickStart Essential training program, which is included in the placement and counted as working days.
No, we do direct hire placements which is part of our recipe to get you the absolute best the world has to offer and no middle man to pay in perpetuity.
We do a true global search, and we have hired already from over 30 countries.
Our recruitment process involves a thorough vetting of a substantial number of applications, as we typically receive around 3000 applications per month. Through our rigorous screening process we make sure that only the top candidates, who make up to less than 1% of the total pool, progress further. For each candidate we recommend, we meticulously review and assess 50 to 100 applicants, making sure that we present you with the most qualified and suitable candidates.
You sign-up and will be asked to fill out two essential forms. The first form aims to gain a deeper understanding of your company, while the second form focuses on capturing the specific details of the job description. Once these forms are completed, we will schedule an onboarding call to make sure we have all the necessary information. Following this, we will start the search process, leveraging our expertise to find the ideal candidates for your business.
We are so confident in our process that we guarantee it in the first 90 days. If your remote team member doesn’t work out for any reason, then we place another candidate completely free.
We use and recommend Time Doctor.
A significant majority of our candidates, approximately 90%, have a Bachelor’s degree. We prioritize attracting and selecting individuals with strong educational backgrounds to make sure they have a high level of expertise and knowledge in their fields, as academic qualifications is an important criterion in our candidate selection process.
You can start with an RTM anytime. As long as your business needs a team member doing office work, you can start with remote team members.
Unfortunately we do not hire part-time RTMs at the moment.
We advise payments through Wise, which works best with most countries.
No, we do not offer such services, but we can assist you and your team in choosing the best payment platform for your remote team members.

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