Top 3 considerations you should have before hiring an RTM

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Today, we’re gonna talk about the three things you must have before hiring an RTM.

We were reflecting on what it’s like when you start nesting before you welcome a newborn into your family.

Just as if you were preparing yourself for a new family member when you want to get everything ready beforehand to make the process easier for everyone. That’s the mindset you need when hiring an RTM.

It’s similar to the nesting process that everyone goes through when start preparing within the last couple of months before the baby gonna arrives. That’s the same you want to do for your company before hiring your first RTM.

So, here are the 3 critical considerations you must have in your nesting process before hiring remote team members.

  1. You need to define what technology tools you’re going to be utilizing for your remote team members, and here are 3 easy-to-get crucial softwares that will make the communication process easier:

You need to know what you and your team are good at and what your company is missing. 

This is how we recommend going about hiring a remote team member. Start with this little exercise: ask every member of your team to write down their ideal job description, explaining what they love doing, what are their favorite things, and describing their skillset and passions. 

At the same time, write down all the other things that have to be done around the company. 

Then look at the ideal superpower job descriptions and the company profile and tasks, and try to find the gaps; where are the things that need to be done but nobody in your team identifies as their unique ability? 

That’s where you need to hire, hire for the gaps, hire for those skillsets that you’re missing in your team. 

Have an onboarding strategy ready to go. It does not have to be anything fancy or complicated, the reality is that through all the tech platforms we have available nowadays, is easy, and is nothing different than training somebody locally.

But you must have a plan just to figure out when are you going to have shadowing sessions, or if you’re gonna have some asynchronous learning.

The second part is to figure out what type of follow-up or meeting you’re going to have. You’re probably going to need daily huddles, weekly meetings, or another type of deeper and more personalized type of meeting

This is important because this way you don’t make them feel like an island or a different type of member just because they happen to be somewhere else.

The last thing is; to have a good set of KPIs and let them know clearly so that you can objectively measure their productivity and they know how their work is getting done through the process.

In conclusion, we have learned that having a plan ready to go for your remote team members before you start hiring is the best way to make sure that they’re going to succeed in the process. 

In many cases, people leave companies because they don’t feel engaged, they don’t share the same core values or mission, and maybe because the communication wasn’t clear at the beginning.

So the relationship ends up being transactional, that situation can be prevented with a strong and thoughtful pre-hiring strategy.

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