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EverBetter RTM is a monthly program for property management company owners managing remote teams, which improves your team’s skills and productivity while helping you lead your remote team more efficiently.

EverBetter RTM enhances your remote team’s skills and productivity through a comprehensive learning program which includes skill-development workshops, interactive Q&A sessions, regular check-ins with BetterWho HR experts, and access to discussion forums with peers in the industry. It also provides you with useful resources and guidance on how to manage your remote team more effectively.


How does it work?

EverBetter RTM is designed as a monthly subscription, which you can edit as needed. After you sign up for EverBetter RTM, we will enroll your remote team members in a comprehensive continuous learning program consisting of workshops, one-on-one sessions, regular check-ins, and friendly discussions and Q&A sessions. You will receive regular updates about the progress of your remote team members.

EverBetter RTM is a monthly subscription with the price of $47/ remote team member. Once acquired, it will be automatically charged from your account every month.


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