RTM Direct Placement


Choose the right tier and upgrades depending on your needs (Priority Pass, EOR Upgrade).



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RTM Direct Placement

Our highly desirable placement service delivers tons of value. PM-specific trained and experienced remote team member, specializing in the area of focus hired.

RTM Direct – Available TIERS:

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
Position examples
  • Customer service
  • Admin Support
  • Receptionist/Front Desk
  • Leasing specialist
  • Any Tier 1 positions with role-specific experience
  • Maintenance coordinator
  • Leasing specialist
  • Bookkeeper
  • Marketing specialist
  • Sales support / ISA
  • Property Manager Assistant
  • Any Tier 2 positions with software-specific OR Property Management experience
  • Marketing manager
  • Sales manager / BDM
  • Operations Manager
  • HR manager
  • Accountant
  • Property Manager / Portfolio Manager
  • Executive assistant
  • Process director
  • Custom head hunting
Qualifications no Property Management experience required Related experience required Related experience required

RTM Direct UPGRADES at A Glance:

  • QuickStart Enhanced TrainingComing soon! More details on the training page. (All placements include the QuickStart Essential training).
  • EOR Upgrade – This services gives you the option of choosing an employer of record for your RTM in their home country. This ensures that your RTM is employed full time under their local regulations, and has access to all social services offered under the local government.
  • Priority Pass – If you’re in a hurry and you need a new team member immediately, use the priority pass to get in front of the line.